Stuff.. Lots of stuff!


Hello, glad to s.. Know you're reading this text! Because that means, that somehow you've ended up at my website.. And that's only good news for you!

Now, this site isn't complete yet, and probably never will be.. Or maybe it will, who knows? Not me that's for sure.

For the past.. two years it must be I think..? This site has contained maps for Vietcong 2, all of them created by me. Most of the links doesn't work because time has run out at the upload sites. But that's irrelevant as they probably won't be uploaded again and most likely be deleted from this site anyway. But if you're in search for some of these maps, they can be found somewhere else I'm sure.

You're welcome to write something in my Guestbook.. Actually I would love it - Post some ideas! 


11/8 - 2013

I've updated the website and deleted some old stuff. Three VC2 maps are still available at this website.

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